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Here you will find an overview of the “Frequently Asked Questions”, also known as FAQ.
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What are Hall Effect Sticks?

Hall Effect Sticks are analog sticks with a new technology: They use the Hall effect, in which a magnetic field is generated in the stick and the position of the stick is recorded magnetically via changes in the magnetic field.
In contrast to conventional analog sticks, where the position is recorded via a potentiometer, which wears off over time, the Hall Effect Sticks are wear-free.

This prevents the annoying stick drift that occurs over time with conventional sticks and drives gamers crazy.

This multiplies the lifespan of the controller, which is why they are definitely worth the price.

However, reverb effect sticks also have small disadvantages. You can find out more about this in our blog article .

My reverb effect sticks have stick drift!

If your character moves minimally in game with a reverb effect controller even though you don't move the sticks, this is probably not classic stick drift caused by wear and tear. This is probably because the stick deviates slightly from the ideal zero position in the middle position.

The neutral center position must be calibrated by hand when installing the Hall Effect Sticks.
With the Hall effect sticks, a magnetic field is generated and the position of the stick is determined by the change in the magnetic field. Therefore, it is not technically possible to calibrate the sticks 100% to the correct center position and there will always be a minimal deviation from the ideal zero position.

Most games have a minimum stick dead zone of 10% programmed. This means that the first 10% movement of the stick will not be registered as input in the game.
In some games, e.g. Modern Warfare 3 (2023), it is possible to reduce the minimum dead zones to 0%.

If you reduce this setting to 0% or below 5%, minimum dead zone, the reverb effect sticks can cause minimal movement in the game without touching the sticks. However, this should not interfere with gaming or have a negative impact on your performance.

We still recommend not setting the minimum dead zones below 5% .

In this helpful video you will learn how to test and adjust your dead zones in the game Modern Warfare III (2023):

If your sticks deviate more than 10% from the center position, there is probably a calibration error.
In this case, please contact our customer service . We will fix the problem for you immediately.

Can the paddles be assigned the L3/R3 function (press sticks in)?

Yes, from now on all our controllers will be delivered with this feature!

How can I change the paddle assignment on the controller?

For the Falcon paddles you can find instructions for the remap function here .

You can find the corresponding instructions for the spider paddles here .

Is there a warranty on the controllers?

Yes! All of our controllers are covered by our product warranty for the first 12 months after receipt of the order.

You can find all further information here .

Which components does the guarantee apply to?

ALL components of the controller are covered under warranty. All buttons, paddles, triggers and functions. Also the sticks.

Exception : Stick drift issues are only covered by the warranty if you selected the Hall Effect sticks when purchasing.

What is NOT covered by the warranty?

The guarantee does not apply to damage that was caused intentionally, or caused by extreme force, or to gross improper handling (e.g. spilling cola or other liquids).

If you throw your controller against the wall or out of the window, we have to look at the damage in detail and, if necessary, charge you money for the repair.

Please note: Stick drift issues are only covered under warranty if you select the Hall Effect Sticks at time of purchase.

What if the warranty has expired?

If a problem occurs with your controller after the 12-month warranty period, that doesn't mean you have to throw away your controller and your money is wasted.
We can almost always repair the problem. However, we have to charge a small fee for this. A fair and transparent solution for both sides is always our focus. We will only charge for a repair to cover costs and will not make any profit.

Can I return my controller if I'm not happy with it?

Yes! We offer a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days of receiving the order.

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. This is especially true if we cannot meet your expectations.

How does the return process work with the money-back guarantee?

You can cancel your purchase at any time within the first 30 days of receiving your order.

To do this, first write us a message with your order number and your request using the contact form, via WhatsApp, or by email to

Important: Please let us know the reason why you are dissatisfied with your controller. In many cases, our customer service team can still help you or accommodate you and clarify the issue.

If you really want to return your controller, we will send you a return label by email.
Pack your controller well and send it back to us from your DHL branch with the label or instructions in the email.

As soon as the controller reaches us, we will refund you the full purchase price within 1-3 working days.

Why are the controllers so expensive?

Please note that for every custom controller we first have to purchase a new original controller from the respective manufacturer. That already makes up a large part of the price.

There are also costs for the parts and materials used, salaries for our employees who assemble your controller by hand (in Germany!), and a few euros for advertising and advertisements, without which you might not have discovered our website at all.

The whole thing is rounded off by 19% sales tax, which is added on top.

Do you offer payment in installments? Can I buy from you on installments?

You can choose to pay in installments via PayPal depending on your creditworthiness, but we do not endeavor to offer purchase in installments.

We believe that going into debt to buy consumer goods is a bad idea.