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What are Hall Effect Sticks?

Hall Effect Sticks are analog sticks with a new technology: They use the Hall effect, in which a magnetic field is generated in the stick and the position of the stick is recorded magnetically via changes in the magnetic field.
In contrast to conventional analog sticks, where the position is recorded via a potentiometer, which wears off over time, the Hall Effect Sticks are wear-free.

This prevents the annoying stick drift that occurs over time with conventional sticks and drives gamers crazy.

This multiplies the lifespan of the controller, which is why they are definitely worth the price.

Note on calibration

If your character moves minimally in the game with a reverb effect controller even though you don't move the sticks, this is not classic stick drift caused by wear and tear. This is because the stick deviates minimally from the ideal zero position in the middle position.

The neutral center position must be calibrated by hand when installing the Hall Effect Sticks.
With the Hall effect sticks, a magnetic field is generated and the position of the stick is determined by the change in the magnetic field. Therefore, it is not technically possible to calibrate the sticks 100% to the correct center position and there will always be a minimal deviation from the ideal central zero position.

Most games have a minimum stick dead zone of 10% programmed. This means that the first 10% movement of the stick is not registered as input in the game. In some games, e.g. Modern Warfare 3 (2023), it is possible to reduce the minimum dead zones to 0%.

If you reduce this setting to 0% or below 5%, minimum dead zone, the reverb effect sticks can cause minimal movement in the game without touching the sticks. However, this should not interfere with gaming or have a negative impact on your performance.

We still recommend not setting the minimum dead zones below 5% .

If your sticks deviate more than 10% from the center position, there is probably a calibration error. In this case, please contact our
customer service . We will fix the problem for you immediately.

Video: Setting dead zones in MW3

Hall Effect Sticks: Are They Really the Solution to PS5 Stick Drift?


  1. Stick drift on PS5 controllers: A gamer's dilemma

  2. Hall Effect Sticks: A Technological Innovation

  3. Advantages: Why Hall effect sticks are convincing

  4. Disadvantages of Hall Effect Sticks

  5. Tips for using reverb effect sticks

    1. Adjusting the dead zones

    2. Fine adjustment of the outer dead zones

  6. Conclusion

  7. Cost-benefit analysis

Stick drift on PS5 controllers: A gamer's dilemma

Imagine you're in the middle of a crucial phase of the game, your adrenaline is pumping, and suddenly - without any warning - your character begins to follow his own route. Or perhaps the camera rotates independently, as if it has a life of its own. This phenomenon, known as stick drift, is every gamer's nightmare and a common annoyance with PS5 controllers. It becomes particularly frustrating if you have invested in a tailor-made, expensive custom controller that is not only a tool, but also a personal statement. A sudden stick drift can not only spoil the gaming experience, but can also be a costly affair.

But what if there was a technology that could eliminate this annoying problem once and for all? This is where Hall effect sticks come into play, an innovative solution that promises to bury stick drift in the annals of gaming history. This technology, based on the use of magnetic fields instead of mechanical parts, sounds like the perfect solution to this well-known problem. But is it really as revolutionary as it seems? In this article, we take an in-depth look at reverb effect sticks, highlight their advantages and disadvantages that cannot be ignored, and answer the question of whether they actually represent the hoped-for salvation for all PS5 gamers.

Hall Effect Sticks: A Technological Innovation

In the world of gaming controllers, analog sticks play a crucial role. They are the heart of the interaction between player and game, enabling precise control and reactive maneuvers. Traditional analog sticks rely on mechanical components that are subjected to physical stress. These stresses can cause wear and tear over time, causing the dreaded stick drift problem. This is exactly where Hall effect sticks come in, offering a revolutionary alternative. Instead of relying on physical contact and movement, these sticks use magnetic fields to detect stick movements. This approach significantly reduces mechanical wear and thus provides a solution to the stick drift problem. Hall effect sticks promise not only a longer controller lifespan, but also a consistent, reliable and drift-free gaming experience - a crucial advantage for gamers who value durability and reliability.

Advantages: Why Hall effect sticks are convincing

The most obvious benefit of Hall effect sticks is the drastic reduction in stick drift risk. This reduction leads to a significant improvement in the gaming experience as unwanted movements and incorrect inputs are minimized. Additionally, the innovative use of magnetic fields instead of mechanical parts ensures consistent performance over time, which is particularly attractive to those who invest in expensive, bespoke custom controllers. Another plus point is the extension of the lifespan of the controller. In a world where sustainability and longevity are becoming increasingly important, Hall effect sticks offer a forward-thinking solution to the ever-present stick drift problem.

Disadvantages of Hall Effect Sticks

The integration of Hall effect sticks into PS5 controllers is a big step towards innovation and longevity. However, as with any advanced technology, there are challenges that need to be considered. An important aspect is the precise calibration of the sticks. This is done by our experts during the installation process and is crucial for the optimal performance of the controller. Despite the great care we put into this process, there may be minor variations that could affect the center position of the sticks.

Another phenomenon that can occur with reverb effect sticks is so-called jittering. This problem manifests itself as small, shaking movements of the analog stick, even when it is not actively being moved. It is, so to speak, a slight flickering in the rest position of the stick, which can lead to minimal but unwanted cursor or camera movements. Although jittering can be visible in quiet gaming moments, it is usually hardly noticeable during active gaming phases and therefore usually does not represent a serious impairment. In many cases, this problem can be solved by adjusting the minimum dead zones in the controller setup. This setting reduces the sensitivity of the stick in its rest position, effectively minimizing unwanted movements.

Regarding the outer dead zones, challenges can arise if the full range of movement of the sticks does not exactly match the physical stop. In rare cases this can result in inconsistent input. This problem can often be minimized or eliminated through careful calibration and fine-tuning of controller settings.

Tips for using reverb effect sticks

If you experience small problems with your reverb effect sticks, here are a few tips to overcome them:

  1. Adjusting the dead zones: If there is slight jittering, you can try increasing the minimum dead zones slightly. Note that this setting is not available in all games. However, this option is available in many current games such as Call of Duty, and it is becoming apparent that more and more games will support this adjustment. If you use your PS5 controller on your PC, you can adjust the dead zones individually using third-party software.

  2. Fine-tuning the outer dead zones: If you notice problems with the outer areas of the sticks, carefully adjusting the controller settings can help. A little fine-tuning of the settings can often make big improvements.

These tips will help you get the most out of your reverb sticks and improve your gaming experience.


Are Hall Effect Sticks the Final Answer to the Stick Drift Problem? They're definitely a significant step forward, especially in terms of controller longevity. They do have their pitfalls, but in most cases the advantages outweigh them. For those who want to invest in a custom controller, it's worth considering. It should also be noted that Hall effect technology for PS5 controllers is constantly evolving to meet the challenges.

Cost-benefit analysis

A standard PS5 controller may be replaceable, but things are different with a high-quality custom controller. Here the additional €25 for the reverb effect sticks is a worthwhile investment. Visit our website, design your own controller and experience gaming without the frustration of Stickdrift!

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